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In a free market, manufacturers and retailers must adapt to changing economic forces and shifting consumer preferences. It is time that Michigan responds to the evolving market changes impacting the new car industry. Consumers want more choices and more convenience – they do not want to be forced by the government to buy their cars from a certain type of monopoly retailer. Customers want the freedom to buy cars in the manner they choose, unencumbered by government mandates.

New cars in Michigan can only be sold through franchised dealerships. It's the law. Governor Snyder said “A healthy, open discussion can and should be had over whether the current business model in Michigan should be changed,” and also called on the Legislature in Lansing to make this discussion “a top priority.” But that was 2 years ago!
Michigan law specifically outlaws plans by electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla to open Tesla stores and service centers in Michigan. Tesla’s sales and service locations are similar to Apple’s. They are owned and operated by Tesla, Inc. and not independent franchisees. Tesla owns and operates stores in 20 states across the country in addition to 35 countries around the world. Tesla stores employ dozens and bring millions of dollars in investment.
We think Tesla’s award-winning all-electric vehicles are a great addition to the marketplace, and we think consumers should be able to choose to shop at a Tesla store or a traditional dealership, depending on their preference and the kind of car they want to buy.
We’re ready to have that discussion urged by Gov. Snyder. We’re Michigan’s Freedom to Buy Coalition.


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